A case study diving into the first major tower in the United States to implement the TWIN® system from TK Elevator. “There’s real magic in putting two elevators in a single shaft,” says Andrew Cantor, Executive Vice President for Development at the Related Companies.

This case study explores insights on efficient design, challenges and construction trends. Take a look at some of the highlights below and fill out the form to download the case study.

A case study in innovation

With two elevator cabins operating independently in one shaft, TWIN is a tremendous progression in elevator technology. Offering endless possibilities, the sleek design saves space while improving traffic flow.

The process behind implementing ground-breaking, cutting-edge technology in a notoriously complex construction environment.

Multiple high-profile tenants required innovative solutions to maximize column free spans and enable a configuration that was attractive to both financial services and technology clients.
The TWIN system contributed to making 50 Hudson Yards a "model of sustainability and model for addressing climate change." - Lord Norman Foster

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